A portrait is a photograph representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the personality and even the mood of the person.

  1. Esra

  2. Courtney Love for Marshall

  3. Friedrich Liechtenstein for Dandy Diary

  4. David White for Fucking Young Magazine

  5. Wolfgang Joop for Galeria Kaufhof

  6. Matthias Scharf for Wella

  7. Tanja Forgo-Mettler  und Julius Forgo for WWD

  8. Daniel Aminati for Pro7

  9. Renata Langmannova for Jiri Dokoupil

  10. Unknown

  11. Anna Boettke

  12. Luke Troynar for Creatures

  13. Magdalena Perlinska for Genus Fimininum

  14. Glen Matlock / Sex Pistols for Marshall

  15. Selou Sowe

  16. Sigurd Larsen for Zign

  17. Bohdan Stupak

  18. Torsun Burkhardt for Audiolith

  19. Earl Slick for Marshall

  20. Carl Jakob Haupt for B.O.X.E.R.

  21. Unknown

  22. David Kurt Karl Roth for Timberland

  23. Coss

  24. Jil Welbers

  25. Frittenbude for Audiolith

  26. Marius Müller-Westernhagen for Franciacorta

  27. Marina Hoermanseder for MH

  28. Julika for E.A. Seawear

  29. Tim Grupp for Fucking Young Magazine

  30. Peter Schings

  31. Rampue for Audiolith

  32. Blaise Osa

  33. David White for Fucking Young Magazine

  34. Jill for Zeum

  35. Unknown

  36. Joy Fatoyinbo

  37. Martin Niklas Wieser for I-D Magazine

  38. 1000g for 1000g

  39. Maurice Enst for Bilderbuch

  40. Apolline Willa for Dogmilk

  41. Unknown

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